Environment Policy Explorer Tours is a supplier of premium quality coach transport.

We recognise the expectations of our own staff, suppliers, customers and the community in relation to environmental protection and service quality.

We commit to managing our environmental effects and wastes in compliance with our legal obligations. Furthermore, we will strive to continually improve all our operations and specifically commit to: Work to achieve the environmental expectations of our staff, customers, suppliers and local community thru accepting new ideas and concepts associated with environmental issues.

Apply best practice standards for environmental management & responsible  tourism. Improve efficiency of our operations to minimise water and raw material use, energy consumption, waste and pollution generation; in particular to: Reduce emissions & fuel use by educating drivers in conservative driving style and installing GPS units in every coach to reduce unnecessary mileage. Vehicles are serviced as per manufactures specification for optimal efficiency and performance. §Recycle waste where ever possible, all recyclable materials such as drink bottles, cans etc can be disposed of at our yard. Ensure contaminants don’t enter waterways or other areas of the environment, toilet wastes, waste oil is disposed of in an appropriate manor and coaches are cleaned only on approved wash bays.

Reduce resource consumption thru supplying low energy light bulbs, replacing old office equipment with high energy efficient equipment as it  fails or needs upgrading, recycling paper. Create awareness among our staff and suppliers of the potential environmental effect of operations with which they are involved, and how they can work towards minimising these environmental effects. This includes using appropriate sized vehicle for passenger numbers and reducing empty  running. Continue to conduct regular assessments of the environmental effects of our transport operations to identify potential areas for improvement, and to follow through with programs to achieve these improvements.