Our Fleet / 2 Columns

We offer you a super VIP experience in middle of New York.


43 seater
4 star coach

Volvo B12

Air conditioning
49 seats
Heated Seats
PA System

Commuter coach 29

Air conditioning
29 seats
PA System
Large luggage compartment

Mercedes Sprinter

Air conditioned
11 leather reclining sets (plus the driver)”
PA System
DVD Player

Man SL202

45 seats + 25 standing
Standing passengers permitted
Sound system
Small underfloor storage

18 reclining seats plus driver

Seat belts
18 reclining seats plus driver
Full leather trim
PA system

Mercedes 404

Air Conditioned
49 Reclining seats
DVD ( 2 screens)
Underfloor Luggage

We promise, you will have the best experience

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